About Spread Aviation

Spread Aviation is the home for veteran, new, and budding aviators, or for those who are just "plane" curious. We were co-founded in 2018 by an Instructor and his student.

We aim to provide cutting edge resources, combining stick and rudder flying techniques with modern technological advancements, to enhance aviation safety and spread effective instruction.

With our combined 20 years of experience, and our general love and passion for aviation safety, we are excited to offer a platform that brings aviation enthusiasts together to continue learning.

Rob Dumovic
Rob Dumovic, CFI-I/MEI
Matt Juszczak
Matt Juszczak

Our Services

Flight Instruction

Spread Aviation is proud to provide outstanding flight instruction services including aircraft checkouts, Instrument Proficiency Checks, Flight Reviews, and FAA 709 Prep. We are also available for Aerobatic Coaching.

Rob, a Co-Founder of Spread Aviation, is a CFI-I/MEI.

Ferry Flights

Spread Aviation is available for aircraft repositioning. For more information, please reach out to us.


Founded in February, 2018, the "Plane Talk Podcast" set out to improve safety in general aviation by sharing experiences and interviewing pilots. The podcast has since been renamed to the Spread Aviation podcast, but the mission is the same.


Coming Soon: Spread Aviation E-Learning! For more information on our upcoming courses, please reach out to us.