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How I Was WRONG about Steep Turns

Do you know how airplanes turn? Are you sure? This is a great post to be introduced to the Learn to Turn initiative started by Rich Stowell.

Ep. 46 – The Search for More Aviation

The duo covers Rob's adventures in aviation over the last 6 months and Matt's search for a new CFI. Don't miss questions from our listeners!

Ep. 42 – Grief is Uncomfortable…

Aviation involves risk. In this episode, Rob shares some experiences in order to help others who may have the same experiences.


Spread Aviation Podcast is the audio home for veteran, new, and budding aviators, or for those who are just "plane" curious.

Each episode focuses on one or two main topics, with questions from our listeners answered at the end.

Learn what it's like to be an Alaska Bush Pilot as we talk to the legendary Kitty Banner. Listen to a 737 Pilot talk about his emergency descent. But the first episode is one of our favorites!

Simulated Air Race

Maneuvering Speed: Are You Using it Correctly?

Did you know it's possible to break the airplane below Maneuvering Speed? We take a deep-dive into a little covered topic.

Aerobatic Altitude Requirements

How do aerobatic pilots know if they have enough altitude? This explains the safe practices behind the performance.

The CRM of Declaring an Emergency

Aviation safety expert Michael Peaslee responds to Matt and Rob's conversation in episode 27 around when & where to declare an emergency.

Matt and Rob are both entertaining and informative. Whether you're an experienced pilot, a student pilot, or an aspiring pilot, I think you'll find a lot to make you think and make you smile. That's how it's been for me, and my treadmill sessions are now flying by.

– Avid Spread Aviation Podcast Listener


Learning to fly looks like an hourglass.


Some of us dream of flying as a kid. We make paper airplanes with paper clips. We envision our childhood street as a runway. We stick our hand out the car window and feel the wind push our fingertips into the air. Others -- many others -- suddenly wake up one morning with a new-found curiosity. One discovery flight later, and suddenly your heart is full, your wallet is empty, and you've got that feeling most people only experience a few dozen times in their life. You know what we're talking about. That feeling.


For a brief moment, you're at the exact same spot millions of people have been since December 17th, 1903, when Wilbur and Orville Wright flew an airplane for the first time. The center of the hourglass. Everyone together at one point. 


Unfortunately, not all flight training is alike. Instructor quality and experience vary, course material is unstandardized, and misinformation is rampant. A shortage of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) is only exacerbating the problem. More importantly, not everyone ends up in the same place. The experiences of new pilots will diverge from others as quickly as they came together.


We believe it's imperative that accurate resources and training remain available to all. At Spread Aviation, safety is our mission, and spreading it to as many as possible is our goal. If you've never flown an airplane, give it a try. If you're a pilot, keep learning. Either way, Spread Aviation is here to help.


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